10 Day Corporate Fast

January 3-14

From Pastor Gary

I am encouraging you to start the new year in fasting together. You can participate in numerous ways - by complete fast from food - missing a daily meal or self-denial in some other way. I know we do not understand the power of fasting but something supernatural takes place when we deny ourself and seek God. But fasting without prayer is just a diet. What I encourage you to do - is the time you would normally spend in whatever activity you are fasting from - to give that corresponding time in prayer. For example - your 1/2 lunch becomes a 1/2 hour to spend in seeking God.

I have ordered some books - RESET - Bob Sorge - they were suppose to be here by this Sunday and are now backordered until Wednesday 1/3/18. (You can order a digital copy on Amazon). The book is a guide to establish a consistent prayer life. It will be a great resource for our fast.

Here are daily prayer emphasis that I'm asking you to join with me
Days 1 and 6 - Personal life concerns - family - job - finances, etc
Days 2 and 7 - Church - Bay Church's impact and influence, location, missions, finances, staff, etc.
Days 3 and 8 - Church - local and world-wide impact and emphasis, mission organizations, etc
Days 4 and 9 - Government - city, state, nation - leaders, Military-first responders, World events - Israel, etc.
Days 5 and 10 - Educational Institutions - Your child's school - local schools and universities, etc.