What We Believe

Bay Church is a part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.  

For more information on the Foursquare Denomination visit foursquare.org.

What do we believe about Jesus?

At Bay Church we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, co-existent and co-eternal with the Father, who, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary took upon Himself the form of man, bore our sins, carried our sorrows, and by the shedding of His precious blood upon the cross of Calvary, purchased redemption for all that would believe upon Him: then, bursting the bonds of death and hell rose from the grave and ascended on high leading captivity captive, that as the great mediator between God and man, He might stand at the right hand of the Father making intercession for those whom He laid down His life. and He is the only way to freedom and hope.  

What is the most important thing?

We believe the most important thing we can do is love, love God and then love the people God puts around us. We believe the Father's plan for us on Earth is that we would live in a passionate love relationship with God, and then live out the Revolutionary Love of Jesus here on the streets of our city. 

What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?

We believe that while the Holy Spirit is as a mighty rushing wind and as tongues of living flame that can shake and set ablaze whole communities for God, He is also as a gentle dove, easily grieved and wounded by impiety, coldness, idle conversation, boastfulness, a judging or criticizing spirit and by thoughts and actions dishonoring to the Lord Jesus; that it is therefore, the will of God that we live and walk in the Spirit, moment by moment, under the precious blood of the Lamb; treading softly as with unshod feet in the presence of the King; being patient, loving, truthful, sincere, prayerful, not murmuring, instant in season and out of season, serving the Lord.

What do we believe about the gifts of the Spirit?

We believe that the Holy Spirit has the following gifts to bestow upon the believing church of the Lord Jesus Christ: wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues, interpretation; that according to the degree of grace and faith possessed by the recipient, these gifts are divided to every man severally, as He, the Holy Spirit, that the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, should be put forth, cultivated, and diligently guarded as the resultant adornment, the constant, eloquent, and irrefutable evidence of a Spirit-filled life.

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