Worship Arts Ministry

"Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, and his greatness in unsearchable"

Psalm 145:3 (English Standard Version)

The Worship Arts Ministry of Bay Church exists to create an environment in Bay Church services to make God's message clear, and in prayer, impactful through different mediums. (Preaching, Music, Communion, Giving, Painting, Poetry, Graphic Design, etc.) As a team, we strive to be a team that genuinely shows God's love toward each other as we support and pray for each other. Individually, the ministry exist to help find and develop the artistic and technology skills of team members to greater develop the gifts and passions God has given each one of us. 

Whether you are a musician, singer, poet, painter, graphic designer, audio/visual technician, interior designer, or any variety of artist or technician, there is a place for you in our Worship Arts Ministry. 

There are several areas you can serve in for those interested in this ministry:

  1. Worship Team/Band: For those who are singers and musicians. Music is a large component of our Sunday service and this team helps lead the musical portion of our worship services. Commitment for those on this team would be Sunday mornings and midweek rehearsals on Thursdays @ 7pm with the possibility of other special events throughout the year. 
  2. Audio/Visual Team: For those who are interested in working in the area of sound or media. Needs for this ministry are in the area of sound/media setup for Sunday morning services and Thursday night rehearsals, people to run sound during services, and people to operate ProPresenter (our presentation software). Commitment for these roles will primarily be on Sunday mornings and Thursday night rehearsals @ 7pm with a possibility of special events during the year. Training will be provided for these roles as well. 
  3. Art Team: For those who are painters, poets, graphic designers, sketch artist, and other artist. The great variety of applications for those interested in this area can range from set design, help with graphic design for church related events and sermon series, poetry for services and church events, paintings themed for sermon series and church events, and using art for different applications in our church both inside and outside of service. Commitment for this team varies as different opportunities arise. 

To respect the balance of church, ministry, and other aspects of life, the goal for this team is that team members will not be scheduled more than 2 times a month, though some maybe asked to serve for an an extra Sunday or special event if it is needed. For family households serving together, great effort will be made to schedule you all as a family unit to make scheduling on your family easier. Scheduling will primarily be done through Planning Center Services. There is an app as well that can be downloaded for iOS and Android. 

The prayer and hope for this team is that we all can use the artistic and technology gifts that God has placed in our lives as an expression of worship in response for what God has done is and doing in our lives. Also, that we can be part of God's kingdom work through the arts in Bay Church, San Francisco, The Bay Area, and the world. 

For more information about this ministry or questions about joining the team, contact our Worship and Media Pastor Joel Cruz

Photo Credit to Lia Leslie